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Body Image – Voices

“Live your best life, seriously. You just have to be able to love yourself. Keep doing you and do what makes you happy.”
Wolcott, CT
I’ve always hated my feet. I’m a dancer and I have ugly bunions.

It’s just something that I wish I could change but I honestly wouldn’t be the dancer I am today without them. My favorite part of my body, honestly, I love my butt. Who doesn’t love a good booty?

I’ve definitely struggled with body image issues before in my life, but I’ve definitely overcome that a lot through beauty pageants. I used to always be so embarrassed to get up on stage and show myself off in a sports bra and shorts.

I was always like ‘Oh my gosh what if I move the wrong way and something jiggles? God forbid something jiggles in this age.’ But through pageants, I knew that I wanted to live a healthy life style and being a skinny size zero is something that is not always what today’s standard is and loving yourself is what’s important.

I think media focuses on negative body image. Through social media, I mean you see inspirations and stuff but you don’t see enough of them.

I just recently started a fitness page on Instagram because I wanted to contribute to more body positive media coverage rather than the negative and I just feel like there are way too many people focused on commenting and saying, ‘oh well this could look better’ or ‘this could be different.’

I love working out. Honestly working out is a therapy to me. I mean for people who are depressed or in a slump or having body image issues, it’s a therapy.

Whenever something is on my mind or anything is affecting me negatively, I definitely just go in the gym and get my anger out on the weights and it really does help with stress.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a size zero or not. That’s not always an attainable look. I’m not saying a size zero isn’t beautiful and fine but it’s just as good as a size 16.

You just have to love who you are, love yourself, be confident in your own body and if that means going to the gym or eating healthy then do it.

Live your best life, seriously.

You just have to be able to love yourself. And if you’re happy how you are and you don’t want to workout or change your diet, that’s good too. Keep doing you and do what makes you happy.



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